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Where did the Asian ostrich live in the past?

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The Asian or Asiatic ostrich (Struthio asiaticus), is an extinct species of ostrich that ranged from Morocco, the Middle East to China and Mongolia. Fossils date from the upper Pliocene to the early Holocene (3.6 MYA - c.6000 BC or BCE). Asian ostriches were widespread around Europe and Asia.
image-Where did the Asian ostrich live in the past?

How many species of ostriches are there in the world?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Family of birds. The ostriches are a family, Struthionidae, of flightless birds. The two extant species of ostrich are the common ostrich and Somali ostrich, both in the genus Struthio, which also contains several species known from Holocene fossils such as the Asian ostrich.

Where does the Somali ostrich live in Africa?

Distribution and habitat. The Somali ostrich occurs in the Horn of Africa, having evolved isolated from the common ostrich by the geographic barrier of the East African Rift. In some areas, the common ostrich's Masai subspecies occurs alongside the Somali ostrich, but they are kept from interbreeding by behavioral and ecological differences.

Who was the first person to describe the ostrich?

The genus Struthio was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. The genus was used by Linnaeus and other early taxonomists to include the emu, rhea and cassowary, until they each were placed in their own genera.


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