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What kind of whiskey does Old Elk make?

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At Old Elk Distillery, we craft a remarkably smooth and innovative spirit that transcends tradition. Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey uses four times more malted barley than conventional recipes and a Slow Cut™ proofing process.
image-What kind of whiskey does Old Elk make?

What's the current world record for an elk?

The current P&Y typical world record was taken on a DIY public-land hunt in 2016. Boone & Crockett Club Denny Austad’s B&C non-typical record elk, taken on a six-figure tag and monitored for weeks by professional guides, represents one extreme of a world-class trophy-bull hunt.

What's the biggest elk antler in the world?

He followed the truck into a parking lot and eventually bought the largest typical elk antlers ever recorded by the B&C. After certifying a fair-chase affidavit, the club declared the Winters’ bull the new world record, which stands today.

Where can I Buy Old Elk Bourbon in Colorado?

Use our store locator to find Old Elk Bourbon at your nearest restaurant, bar, or liquor store. Check back frequently as we are expanding locations.


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