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What are newborn vampires?

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  • Newborn Vampires- They are vampires that were just changed from a human. They are hard to control and thirst for human blood more then any other. After they feed their eyes turn red and when they don't black. Adult Vampire- This is a vampire that can control themselves. They feed off of animals to keep humans from finding out about them.
image-What are newborn vampires?

What are good vampire names for boys?

  • The Vampire Diaries baby names for boys. Alaric : Also known as Ric. Connor: A vampire hunter. Damon: Brother of Stefan. Elijah: Original vampire. Galen : A vampire hunter. Grayson: Adoptive father of Elena.

What are good vampire names for girls?

  • Vampire Names For Girls: Bella: Here's the name of everyone's favorite, maiden turned vampire. ... Elizabeth: Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary was suspected of vampire behavior. She would bite the flesh of the victims and bathe in their blood as a beauty treatment. ... Sekhmet: The Egyptians also had their share of bloodsuckers and vampire lore. ... More items...


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