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What animals would you likely find in Alaska?

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Alaska's wildlife species are a hallmark of the state. It is home to large carnivores; is favored by migratory birds, and miles of shoreline offer habitat for abundant marine life. From grizzly bears, polar bears, moose, Dall sheep, mountain goats and many, many more, tourists and hunters make Alaska a mecca experience.
image-What animals would you likely find in Alaska?

What are all the animals that live in Alaska?

Alaska. Alaska. Black Bear. Black bear in a meadow in Alaska. ... Bison. ... Caribou. ... Moose. ... Mountain Goat. ... Dall Sheep. ... Whales. ... Orca. ...

How many types of animals are in Alaska?

With 112 mammal species, Alaska ranks 12th of the 50 U.S. states in mammalian diversity. This article presents the common and scientific names for each species, along more information about the animal. Where the species is unique to Alaska, this article presents a brief overview of the species.

What animal only lives in Alaska?

What are the animals that live in Alaska? 1. Grizzly bear. Although we relate it to certain national parks of the United States (among them Yellowstone), the... 2. Moose. It is one of the animals that comes to mind when we think of Alaska. It is the largest of the cervid family -... 3. Mackenzie's ...


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