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Is a Great Dane a good house dog?

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Often called gentle giants, Great Danes are loved for their joyful spirits and loving companionship. Great Danes bond closely with their owners and make wonderful family pets. A well-trained dog will thrive in most households.Sep 11, 2019
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Are Great Danes high maintenance?

Despite their towering size, Great Danes are comparatively low maintenance pooches. Their size can actually be a benefit, making them one of the few low maintenance outdoor dog breeds, as opposed to small dogs that may need to be kept indoors for safety reasons.Jul 26, 2017

Are Great Danes usually aggressive?

Great Dane Dog Breed They are generally considered to be gentle giants and good-natured family pets. But, as with all breeds, Great Danes can become aggressive. They are extremely territorial dogs and can attack with little warning. A Great Dane bite can have a serious and life-altering impact on victims.

Can Great Danes be left alone?

All Dogs should always be supervised when around children. Most of the time Great Danes are couch potatoes and have short periods of activity and require a couple of short walks a day along with a period of off leash time to run and play in the yard. However, some Danes can be destructive when left alone.

Are Great Danes easy to potty train?

Though this may be true, great Danes are also very intelligent and easy to train. In fact, potty-training a great Dane is a very manageable task as long as you go about it correctly.

What owning a Great Dane says about you?

Owners of Great danes are good-hearted and responsible. They tend to work hard and put one hundred percent into everything they do.Jun 18, 2015

Is having a Great Dane expensive?

A Great Dane purchased from a quality breeder costs between $1,700 – $3,000. They charge a higher price due to the extreme emphasis placed on the care of breeding to avoid health issues, as well as after-birth care. By comparison, Great Danes adopted from a shelter often cost between $300 – $400.

Is a male or female Great Dane better?

Compared to males, many find female Great Danes easier to train. Perhaps it is their calmer natures or their better focus, but you can generally expect females to be easier to work with. While males are known for being bolder and more aggressive, females can still be very protective of their homes.

Do Great Danes turn on their owners?

Great Dane Therefore, Great Danes can cause a lot of chaos and trouble in unfamiliar places and around unknown people. As long as a Great Dane is not agitated, he/she will not cause any trouble. However, this giant pup can be quite unforgiving when provoked.

Will a Great Dane protect me?

While Great Danes are typically patient and gentle, they can be protective when they need to. A Great Dane's characteristics are what make the breed an excellent option for a family guard dog. Even the gentlest Great Dane can scare off people who may try to invade your home or harm you or your family.

At what age do Great Danes calm down?

When a Great Dane reaches one year old, you should expect them to calm down a lot over the subsequent 6 to 12 months up to the age of 2. Although your Great Dane may continue to be hyper after two years, it will never be to the same extent of them in their adolescent age.

Do Great Danes poop a lot?

A lot. You would reasonably expect a human-sized dog to take human-sized poops. But a Great Dane actually poops like a horse, up to four times per day.

Are Great Danes inside or outside dogs?

While Great Danes can do fine inside or outside, they are much better suited as indoor dogs. Their short hair and giant body's are not well suited to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they crave human attention and won't do well being left alone outside for extended periods.

How many hours a day do Great Danes sleep?

The average dog sleeps about 14 hours per day, but there's a lot of variation between the breeds. For example, larger dogs like Mastiffs and Great Danes tend to sleep more like 16-18 hours (which is why both made our list of laziest dog breeds).Sep 10, 2013

How long does it take to toilet train a Great Dane?

Firstly, they have weaker bladders so you'll get to practice numerous times throughout the day. They should also be at their most receptive. You could see results in just a week. But if they're older with years of practice going to the toilet on the ground, then you may need up to six weeks.Mar 23, 2018

How Long Should Great Danes rest after eating?

Great Danes should not be exercised one hour before meal time and one hour after meal time. Great Danes are deep chested dogs and are susceptible to a deadly condition called BLOAT.

Are Great Danes protective dogs?

Protective Dog Breeds: The Great Dane. Regarded as one of the largest dog breeds, the Great Dane is a highly affectionate German breed. It is one of the most beloved type of dog, particularly as a protection dog. Its elegant, strong appearance is one of its strongest traits.

Do Great Danes get along with smaller dogs?

Great Dane. These dogs are called gentle giants. They are large in size and they are gentle by nature. This breed of dog has been known to along well with other animals. They can get along with other pets in the household too. They can get along with both large and small dogs. They can even get alone with cats.

Do Great Danes have good sense of smell?

While a Great Dane still has a better sense of smell than a human they're more of a sight hound/sight hunter. Add that to the fact that most Great Danes in America have been watered down so much with breeding for looks and "gentle" temperaments that they won't hunt anymore anyway.

Are Great Danes mastiffs or sight hounds?

Buffon's Great Dane, sometimes called a Dalmatian, was actually a large sight hound that was closely aligned with both old Irish wolfhound and the greyhound. The dogs may have been nothing more than unusually colored Danish deer greyhounds, which were greyhounds with some mastiff ancestry.


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