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Mammal   July 26, 2019

Ostrich. Ostrich eggs. How fast can an ostrich run? Ostrich head in the sand.

Ostriches are flightless birds. They are characterized by a complete absence of the keel and underdeveloped pectoral muscles; the skeleton is not pneumatic, with the exception of the femurs. The wings of ostriches are underdeveloped; two fingers on them end in claws, or spurs. The hind limbs are long and strong, with only two fingers. One of the fingers ends with the likeness of a horn hoof - a bird leans on it while running...

Mammal   July 25, 2019

Chinchilla. Chinchilla pet. Baby chinchilla

Chinchilla is an amazing pet that looks like a rabbit and a squirrel at the same time, and it is difficult for fans to resist the charm of these lovely creatures. Chinchillas are not as sociable and friendly as other rodents. But with the right approach, confident, calm and affectionate treatment inherent in the younger age, they are serious gentle, loyal and loving pets...

Mammal   July 24, 2019

Chameleon. Panther chameleon

Panther chameleon habitat covers Madagascar and located on its northern coast, the island of Nosy Be. The reptile was also brought to the islands of Reunion and Mauritius. Most panther chameleons live in the southern and northeastern regions of Madagascar, where their density exceeds two individuals per hectare. 
The animal loves to settle in well-lit forests, among thickets of shrubs, in gardens and parks. He especially likes sugar cane plantations, where all kinds of insects and their larvae, which are his main food, are found in abundance.

Mammal   July 12, 2019

Hedgehogs. How long do they live. What do hedgehogs eat

Hedgehogs eat different foods, as they are omnivores. Most often it is amphibians, insects, slugs, caterpillars, earthworms. In addition to living creatures hedgehogs eat fruits and berries. In addition to the usual beetles and snakes, the hedgehog eats very poisonous representatives of them, such as the adder, the beetle beetle, the cockchafer, and the hairy ground beetle.

Mammal   January 28, 2019

Secretary bird: about, habitat and diet

The secretary bird’s English name was once thought to come from the 1800s, when Europeans first spotted these birds. Back then, male secretaries wore gray tailcoats and dark knee-length pants. They also used goose-quill pens that they carried behind their ears. This long-legged bird shares many of these same physical features: long, dark quills at the back of the head; long, gray wing and tail feathers that resemble a tailcoat; and black feathers that go midway down the legs like short pants. It's fun to imagine how the two "secretaries" compare!


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