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What kind of certification do you need for Zooz?

All of our devices are Z-Wave Plus certified and UL or ETL listed if powered by 120VAC. For your peace of mind. Light years ahead of everyone else in this field on both product and customer service. Awesome customer support is an understatement.

What do I need to sign up for Zoosk?

To sign up for Zoosk, youll need to provide an email address or Facebook account. The site asks a few initial questions to gather information, including your gender and the gender you are interested in. The site also requires a birth date and secure password.

Do you have to pay for Zooz Z Wave switches?

Z-Wave switches in a 3-way or 4-way. Ask questions, request help, troubleshoot. Get quick answers and personal service. Forever. You only pay for the know-how, excellent service, and quality components. Not fancy offices or bored managers. We take your feedback seriously and keep adding new features.

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