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Hedgehogs. How long do they live. What do hedgehogs eat

Hedgehogs eat different foods, as they are omnivores. Most often it is amphibians, insects, slugs, caterpillars, earthworms. In addition to living creatures hedgehogs eat fruits and berries. In addition to the usual beetles and snakes, the hedgehog eats very poisonous representatives of them, such as the adder, the beetle beetle, the cockchafer, and the hairy ground beetle.

Since childhood, we are familiar with fairy tales and cartoons about hedgehogs, in which the main character is stored with fruits and mushrooms for the winter. But this is just a fictional myth. In fact, hedgehogs never make stocks to survive the winter.

Both in nature and at home, they accumulate fat from spring to late autumn. For this hedgehogs need a lot to eat. 


How long do hedgehogs live

Hedgehogs are among the most ancient animals on earth. Under natural conditions, they are common in Africa and Eurasia and live mainly in forest, desert and steppe zones, as well as near the place of residence of humans. In the wild, hedgehogs have a much lower lifespan than in captivity, and most often do not exceed 4-5 years. At home, hedgehogs can live to a great age, namely, to 8-10 years. In rare cases, in captivity, these animals can live up to 16 years.


Hedgehogs as pets

In recent years, it has become popular to wind up these bags of spines on the feet. An additional argument in favor of hedgehogs can be called their friendliness and contact with people and other animals with whom they live under the same roof. Most often, the hedgehog eats at home the same way as its owner. But to give products that you can eat in no way possible. Food from the table will kill the animal, and you yourself will not know why the hedgehog died so early. The best option may be premium cat food, and then only in the first few days. Then you have to make a special menu for the new tenant.

Hedgehogs as pets eat:

• low-fat cooked meat (chicken, beef, turkey);

• chicken offal;

• berries and fruits in small quantities (pears, apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries);

• vegetables, like fruits, also need to be given a little (cucumbers, sweet peppers, pumpkins, carrots);

• once a week you can give a raw chicken or quail egg;

• also give zoological bus or live insects.


Are Hedgehogs good pets

Cute is cute, but hedgehogs are wild animals, which at home can give various surprises and surprise you greatly!

1. They are wayward. If the animal does not want you to stroke it or scratch its tum, it will protect itself with teeth and spines, which is not very pleasant.

2. The hedgehog brought to the house from the street will give you an amber of artisanal life and can share with you its tongs. Because of these parasites, they often itch.

3. Night owls and dormouse. He doesn't care that you go to work tomorrow morning. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and go hunting in the dark. And in the cold season they hibernate! When you try to stir them up, you can be bitten or you just get a motionless "rag" with prickles.

4. Hedgehogs are not trainable. You can try, no one forbids. However, he will be there where he wants. Run in a special place - below their dignity. You took it, you and care!

What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs eat caterpillars, earthworms, amphibians, small reptiles. In addition to this, they perfectly deal with all kinds of poisonous insects. Also hedgehogs eat beetles, grasshoppers, various invertebrates, slugs, snails.


How long do hedgehogs live?

It is considered that wild animals living at home, live much less than in natural conditions. Yes it is. But hedgehogs are rare when this statement is inappropriate.

In nature, hedgehogs live only 3-5 years. In captivity, their life span is increased by 2 times. Hedgehogs can live 16 years.

Where do hedgehogs live?

The common hedgehog inhabits a wide variety of habitats, avoiding extensive swamps and continuous coniferous forests. Prefers a hedgehog for the edge of life, woods, hedgehogs also live in small glades, floodplains of rivers. The hedgehog may well live near the person. In Europe, an ordinary hedgehog can live in open forests, grassy plains, in shrubs, sandy terrain, and even in parks.


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