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Echidna habitat

How are echidnas adapted to their habitat?

Echidnas like to dig underground to stay cool in the hot Australian environments where they live. Their large powerful feet are adaptations for digging burrows underground to escape the heat. Echidnas also have spines on their bodies.

Does an echidna have fur?

Echidnas from colder regions such as Tasmania have long fur that partially obscures the spines, whereas echidnas of arid zones can appear to be covered in spines to the exclusion of fur. Beneath the coat of spines is a well-developed subcutaneous muscle layer, which in part accounts for the animal's surprising strength.

Where do echidnas live?

Echidnas live in Australia and New Guinea . Echidnas evolved between 20 and 50 million years ago, descending from a platypus-like monotreme. This ancestor was aquatic, but echidnas adapted to life on land.

What are some behavioral adaptations of an echidna?

Behavioural Adaptations: Echidna's use their forepaws to dig into ants nests to find food and use their fast tongues to trap them. Their young are pushed out of their pouch whilst still young so their growing spikes do not penetrate the mother.

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