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Club penguin mission 9

What is the secret word in G's mission on Club Penguin?

Walkthrough. Click on G and ask him about the new mission. He will give you a riddle the answer is "mogul". He will now show you a new sled he is making you need to test drive it.

How do you solve the telescope mission on Club Penguin?

Talk to the penguin, and he will ask you to fix his telescope. To fix his telescope, go to your Spy Phone and press "Tools". Drag the wrench over to the tripod. This will fix the telescope.

Can you catch a shark in Club Penguin?

Sharks will begin to appear after 19 Fish are caught. Having a Shark come into direct contact with the end of your fishing line will result in a loss of a single bait.

Are there EPF missions?

Elite Penguin Force Missions are special missions EPF agents are assigned in Club Penguin. They are puzzle-like missions that Elite Penguin Force Agents can do to earn medals, gifts, as well as experience in helping other penguins.

What is mission 9 of the Penguin Secret Agency?

PSA Mission 9: Operation: Spy & Seek Operation: Spy & Seek is the ninth mission of the Penguin Secret Agency. The target of this mission is to get close to Herbert's location in The Wilderness, and reveal any information you can about his further plot.

How do you make a kite in Club Penguin?

Pick up the piece of string on the rug then give all the Find Four pieces to the penguins. Waddle to the Forest pick up all the sticks. Combine all the items you have (sticks, blueprints, and string) to make a kite. Combine the kite to one of the devices. Then, go to the Ski Hill and tie the device with the kite on the pole.

Where to find G in PSA mission 9?

Go to the Ski Lodge, then go through the Ice Fishing door look through the binoculars and turn right. Waddle back to the PSA HQ and talk to G. Go back to Herberts camp, and combine your Spy Phone with the Binoculars. Turn left and place the Binoculars in the third tree.

Where do you get gum in Club Penguin?

Go to the Plaza talk to the two penguins. The puffle will blow a bubble with gum and the gum will get stuck on the two penguins. Click on it and take it then put it in the yellow duck. Go to the Dock and pull up the brown handle for the penguin by the boat.

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