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What does a cassowary sound like?

The first indications you may get of the presence of a cassowary is a deep low-frequency rumbling and booming sound. It makes these sounds in its chest and neck by resonating air and then possibly amplifying the sound further with its casque. In fact, the cassowary produces the lowest sounding bird call in the world.

How dangerous are Cassowaries, really?

The Cassowary is dangerous because of its size and strength . They have killed humans with powerful kicks and dagger-like talons that can disembowel with one slash. They will defend their young if needed and can become aggressive if they feel threatened. The cassowary is an enormous flightless bird, up to 200 pounds and 6 foot tall.

Why is the Cassowary bird so dangerous?

The bird is considered dangerous because its very territorial and so will defend it ground aggressively. The cassowary can attack by kicking with its powerful legs which have large claws attached to its toes.

What are the Cassowary's predators?

Natural predators of cassowaries include crocodiles, pythons, dingos, and quolls. However, the effects of these animals are minimal when compared with threats introduced over the last two hundred years.

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