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Boa constrictor eats crocodile

Can a boa constrictor eat a crocodile?

"They can swallow a crocodile, no problem, but it can defend itself, so it's a more risky choice than a rat," says snake expert Bryan Fry, a professor at the University of Queensland. ... Witnesses said it took this snake about five hours to swallow the crocodile.3 . 2014 .

Is there a snake that can eat a crocodile?

Crocodiles and alligators actually end up on pythons' plates with relative frequency: In 2005, a deceased Burmese python was found in the Florida Everglades with an American alligator bursting out of its stomach, and in 2014, an olive pythonthe same species photographed by Mullerwas caught on camera killing and ...12 . 2019 .

Who eats a crocodile?

Big cats, such as jaguars and leopards, sometimes attack, kill and eat adult caimans, crocodiles and alligators. Huge serpents such as anacondas and pythons sometimes attack grown crocodilians as well.7 . 2010 .

Do crocs eat pythons?

Big Johnson's crocs eat little pythons and vice versa. How does a constrictor like a python know when it's "safe" to let go and eat? Snakes are very sensitive to their prey's heartbeat. Normally a python will constrict until the animal asphyxiates and the heart stops.3 . 2014 .

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