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Blue skink

Do blue tongued skinks have enemies?

As relatively small lizards, blue-tongued skinks are vulnerable to many different predators . They can be killed by snakes, weasels, dingoes, foxes, cats, dogs and even birds of prey. They're particularly vulnerable when they're young; many juvenile bluetongues don't survive past their first year.

Do blue tongue skinks really need UVB?

Blue tongue skinks bask a lot in the wild, and need UVB light spectrum to produce vitamin D3 in their skin. Vitamin D3 is crucial for absorption of calcium, so without it, your skink will become deficient and sick. Your blue tongue skink will need a high output 10-12% UVB tube light.

Is a blue tongued skink a carnivore?

Blue tongue skinks are omnivores in the broadest sense of the term. They will consume just about anything put in front of them. Staples should include appropriately sized crickets, mealworms, wax worms, and roaches.

Is the blue tailed skink the same as the five lined skink?

The blue-tailed skink lizard, commonly known as the five-lined skink, is a species of lizards native to North America. They are characterized by their bright blue tails and the vertical yellow stripes on their body. They are cylindrical, highly flexible lizards that have scales on their body.

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