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Australia emu

What are some interesting facts about EMU?

Interesting Emu Facts: Emu is very large bird. Emu has long neck, sharp beak and small ears. Emu has two eyelids. Emu has three toes on each foot. Emu requires water on a daily basis. Unlike water, emu can survive long periods without food. Emu is an omnivore (eats both plants and animals).

Is an emu an Australian bird?

The emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) is an iconic Australian bird that is incapable of flight. Although these birds cannot fly, they possess sturdy and lengthy limbs that allow them to manage high running speeds.

What part of Australia does the EMU live in?

The Emu is found only in Australia . It lives throughout most of the continent, ranging from coastal regions to high in the Snowy Mountains. Emus were once found in Tasmania, but were exterminated soon after Europeans arrived. Two dwarf species of emus that lived on Kangaroo Island and King Island also became extinct.

Are EMUs still a problem in Australia?

Today, emus still roam the Australian Outback, though they're far less of a problem to Aussie farmers today than they were to their predecessors back in the 1930s. This remains the only recorded instance in military history where birds unwittingly won a military engagement.

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