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Arachnids for kids

What are 3 examples of arachnids?

Fact: There are eleven orders of arachnids. These include the scorpions; mites and ticks; harvestmen; pseudoscorpions; whipscorpions; solpugids; and spiders.

What do arachnids do?

They are used to capture prey (spiders), transport a spermatophore (sunspiders, some mites and ticks), produce sounds (sunspiders, some spiders), cut strands of silk (web-dwelling spiders), and produce silk (pseudoscorpions).

What kind of arachnids carry their young?

Most arachnids aren't considered maternal creatures, but the rule has exceptions. For instance, the various species of female wolf spiders carry their young in a distinctive manner both before and after they hatch. Scorpion mothers also carry their young on their backs for a period after birth.

Do arachnids have two body parts?

Arachnidare animals that have an exoskeleton, a two-part segmented body , and 8 jointed legs; they do not have a backbone. The body is divided into the prosoma and the abdomen. The prosoma anchors the chelicerae (pincers), pedipalps (mouth parts) and four pairs of legs. Arachnid are aggressive predators.

Are spiders the only arachnids?

Although the word "arachnid" is often considered synonymous with "spider," spiders are far from the only arachnid lineage. The class Arachnida includes 11 diverse sets of animals, 10 of which aren't Araneae , i.e., spiders.

Do Arachnids usually have wings?

Arachnids are further distinguished from insects by the fact they do not have antennae or wings. Their body is organized into two tagmata , called the prosoma , or cephalothorax , and the opisthosoma , or abdomen .

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