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African american facts for kids

What are some facts about African Americans?

Facts about African American Culture 1: the root. The root of African American culture is from the central and West Africa . The way the black people live in America is a mixture of West and Central African cultures. The African people were brought to United States as slaves.

What are some little known black history facts?

Little Known Black History Fact: Samuel Sharpe. Samuel Sharpe was a Jamaican preacher who led a 10-day slave revolt on the island nation that moved the British Empire to end slavery in 1833. The so-called Baptist War because of the denomination of many involved, or the Christmas Rebellion of 1831, left over several hundred slaves dead.

Who are some famous African Americans?

There are millions of famous African Americans whose contributions have been a critical part of American growth and triumph. The Following is a list of some of these famous African Americans. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. Berry Gordy, Jr.

What freed the African Americans?

How did African-Americans become free? Some slaves bought their own freedom from their owners, but this process became more and more rare as the 1800s progressed. Many slaves became free through manumission, the voluntary emancipation of a slave by a slaveowner. Manumission was sometimes offered because slaves had outlived their usefulness or were held in special favor by their masters.

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