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10 interesting facts about koalas

What is a interesting fact about koalas?

Facts about koalas. 1) Koalas are found in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia. They have grey fur with a cream-coloured chest, and strong, clawed feet, perfect for living in the branches of trees! 2) Cuddly critters, koalas measure about 60cm to 85cm long, and weigh about 14kg.

Do koalas have 4 thumbs?

Koalas have thumbs too, but they have four in total. They have two opposable thumbs on each front paw for climbing, holding onto trees and gripping food, while the second and third digits on their hind paws are fused together to form a grooming claw.

How many koalas are left?

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that there are less than 100,000 Koalas left in the wild, possibly as few as 43,000.

What do koalas not like?

They're very picky, tending to choose around 30 of the 600 varieties of eucalyptus trees out there. Koalas prefer large trees, but avoid those with low protein content and nauseating toxins. ... They are reported to smell like cough drops because of all that eucalyptus.13 . 2020 .

How cute are koalas?

The Koala is small, fuzzy, and cute. It has gray to brown colored fur with a white underbelly. It lazily makes it way through the tree branches to eat, sleep, and nurse its young.

What are facts about the koala bear?

Koalas are native to Australia. Koala fossils found in Australia have been dated as long ago as 20 million years. Koalas eat eucalypt leaves and almost nothing else. The brain size of modern koalas has reduced substantially from their ancestors, possibly as an adaptation to the low energy they get from their...

What is the koala's habitat?

Koalas are only found in Australia. Their natural habitats are temperate, tropical and sub-tropical wooded areas with eucalyptus trees along the eastern seaboard of mainland Australia starting in the north around Townsville in Queensland and along the coastal fringe to south-eastern South Australia.

What is the appearance of a koala?

Koalas have thick, woolly fur which protects them from the extremes of both high and low temperatures, and which also acts like a 'raincoat' to repel moisture when it rains. The fur varies in colour from light grey to brown.

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