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Questions   October 02, 2021

What are hippopotamus

What type of animal is a hippo?

Hippopotamus, (Hippopotamus amphibius), also called hippo or water horse, amphibious African ungulate mammal.

Questions   October 02, 2021

What are gorillas

Is gorilla skin thick?

The gorilla is robust and powerful, with an extremely thick, strong chest and a protruding abdomen. Both skin and hair are black. The face has large nostrils, small ears, and prominent brow ridges. Adults have long, muscular arms that are 15–20 percent longer than the stocky legs.26 авг. 2021 г.

Questions   October 02, 2021

What is an armadillos habitat

Where do armadillos sleep?

Armadillos are primarily nocturnal and the way to catch one at night is to put a live mammal trap in front of an active burrow. Armadillos dig underground tunnels to sleep in.7 апр. 2013 г.

Questions   October 02, 2021


What kind of certification do you need for Zooz?

All of our devices are Z-Wave Plus certified and UL or ETL listed if powered by 120VAC. For your peace of mind. Light years ahead of everyone else in this field on both product and customer service. Awesome customer support is an understatement.

Questions   October 02, 2021

Where do snow leopards live

Where do snow leopards like to hang out?

For starters, it seems that snow leopards like to hang out in areas with good views: lofty perches from which mountain valleys are easily visible. As far as researchers know, this is because such spots allow snow leopards to see if prey is moving below them. Should prey be present, then the snow leopard can approach its quarry from above.


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